Department of Urology & Kidney Transplant

Dr. Rohit Pratap Singh (MS, MCh Urology & Kidney Transplant, SMS Medical College, Jaipur)

The Department of Urology & Kidney Transplant focus on an approach to treatment that better Patient outcome and quality of life.

The department offers most modern & rational treatment for all the urological disease such as:

We offers:

  • Treatment of prostate disease including surgeries like TURP, TUIP, PNBx, Chennel TURP
  • Treatment of  stone disease with minimal invation – URSL, PCNL, Cystolitholapaxy , SPCL.
  • Treatment of carech of kidney, prostate, urinary bladder, penis & testes.
  • Treatment of men’s sexual problems & infertility.
  • Treatment of stricture of urethra.
  • Prevstate  urology surgery like pyeloplasty
  • Surgery for Stone and Prostate
  • Urinary Stone Management
  • PCNL
  • Uro – Oncology
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Urinary Incontinence Surgery